Water & Oil Technologies, Inc.

By-product recovery and utilization has been one of the major areas in which Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. has assisted customers to achieve successful liquid/solid separation of their particular process wastestream.

With ever increasing environmental discharge regulations confronting us all, we at Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. have found alternatives to land application and on-site composting of sludges. Natural Flocculents can be successfully used with or without pH adjustment to achieve solids recovery from process waste, thus producing an environmentally cleaner supernatant or subnatant discharge.

Our Natural Flocculents are currently sold to poultry, hog, cattle, cheese, dairy, food, grain, and oil processors for the flocculation of solids for recovery of fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins. By utilizing our AAFCO and FDA approved Natural Flocculents, the recovered fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins can be sold for animal feed ingredients, fertilizer or used in fuel components.

Recovery Benefits of Natural Flocculents

  • FDA and AAFCO approved for use in animal and poultry feeds, whereas acrylamides and polycrylamides (synthetic polymers made from monomers) are not.
  • Can usually be used without the aid of acid or caustic to achieve flocculation of solids from process waste.
  • Compatible with acids or caustic if so desired to be used to obtain liquid/solid separation.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with coagulants to recover solids containing fats, oil, grease, minerals and/or proteins.
  • Can be used to treat solids containing phosphates and nitrates.
  • Totally biodegradable which make their use environmentally acceptable.

Earth Forensics- Dr. Richard Laton

Dr. W. Richard Laton, Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist
Associate Professor of Hydrogeology
California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Laton is an expert in the field of hydrology/hydrogeology. He is currently an Associate Professor
of Hydrogeology in the Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Fullerton.
This is a continuation of a career that includes years of teaching, consulting, litigation support and
management experience. Dr. Laton possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of hydrogeology,
field hydrology, wetlands, coastal monitoring/geomorphology, field and sampling techniques and
environmental remote sensing/GIS. His classes at the university encompass topics including: water
quality, environmental sampling, groundwater modeling, oceanography, and basic geology. He enjoys
introducing students to applied research and acts as the faculty advisor to a large number of upperlevel
students. He has also acted as a consultant for a variety of companies and agencies that need
input on the above subjects as well as natural hazard assessment and mapping.

Earth Forensics – Dr. John Foster, Geologist

Dr. John H. Foster, President and Principal Geologist
Professor of Geological Sciences
California State University, Fullerton

John Foster received his BS in Earth Science from University of California San Diego, and a PhD in
Geology from University of California, Riverside. He is currently a professor of Engineering and
Environmental Geology at CSU Fullerton. In addition to his current position, he has been the Chair
of the Department of Geological Sciences at CSUF from 1995 to 2004 and the Chair of the Board of
Governors for the Desert Studies Consortium and is presently a member of the Board of Advisors for
the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. His teaching and research focus is on the engineering geology of
landslides, coastal watershed geology and the geology of groundwater basins in arid regions. Dr.
Foster is co-principal investigator of a large research contract with the Mojave Water Agency with the
objective of assessing water quantity and quality in their district as well as identifying basin geology
and the potential for groundwater recharge throughout the central Mojave Desert Area.

About Earth Forensics


Investigative Geology and Hydrology

Earth Forensics, Inc is a professional consulting and technology corporation established to
provide services to the Energy and Environmental Sectors of Industry. The professionals
who started the company designed it to be responsive to the demands from industry for clean
water, efficient energy and environmental responsibility. The company is strongly directed
to provide investigative services with analytical support and long term solutions on a global
scale. The experience and combination of academic and pragmatic professional backgrounds
of the principals forms a strong bond between the need for new insights and the demand for
environmental integrity throughout the changing international business and government

The three main areas of concentration for the company include: aerial investigative analysis
using our lighter than air platform to support numerous photographic and remote sensing
imagery; a pilot water treatment analytical vehicle that can be moved easily and refitted
quickly to address a wide spectrum of water issues from simple discharge clean up to
desalination; and slope movement analysis including detailed analytical analysis of rock and
soil. Each of these support a basic consulting effort that ranges from litigation support to
energy and environmental analysis to the development of interim to long term water
treatment solutions.

About Raven Knight

We know that there is an ample amount of water and power available on Earth.

Our aim is to increase the amount of usable water and power through recycling and reusing existing resources. By providing the best available site and water and materials analysis services to enable the deployment of correct, efficient and solid technology, we can produce an abundant amount of water and power for everyone.

Raven Knight began as a manufacturers representative company in 2002, focused on delivering renewable water and power technology to the marketplace. After working together with numerous product manufacturers and developers, we discovered that not enough prior analysis and testing had be done for each project, initially. We were often asked to provide a solution and deliver technology that may or may not address the problem in each situation. We also discovered that many manufacturers had not and were not willing to provide this type of research, analysis and engineering work prior to deploying their technology, so with each project there was a significant amount of gray area.

Also, with some of the leading edge systems we were offering, there was a lack of reliable test data and testing of the equipment, so we put together a team of scientists, engineers, developers and manufacturers capable of conducting feasibility studies, engineering solutions, developing systems or testing and if necessary, redesigning existing systems based on solid testing methodology. We also now have the ability to manufacturing new technology as is needed for each project.

This new emphasis and focus is what Raven Knight has needed to ultimately deliver the projects we have been working on and to provide new clients with reliable solutions to their water and waste issues that will deliver clean, reliable products and bi-products. We invite you to take advantage of our services and aim to provide your project with valid, reliable, tested solutions that will save you money and time in the long run.