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Information on investing, project or technology investments and pojects we are currently working on that require investments.

Does your investment fit?

We are vision-minded entrepreneurs with a technical and sales background. We are focused on delivering successful projects. We have spent collaboratively over a century developing the technology and concepts we offer.

We welcome you.

Coming on board with us you will be partnering with team members who are focused on achieving and delivering successful leading edge projects. Raven Knight has screened its partners over many years, so you can feel comfortable with who we are. We are focused on working with like minded investors who aim to deliver sustainable solutions, practically and profitably with honesty throughout the project process.

About Investors in Raven Knight

Raven Knight is seeking investors who are interested in being involved with a solid team of developers who have the determination and experience to design, build and employ leading edge technology.

We offer solid projects, grounded in technological and financial soundness with the validation of experts to deliver a reliable project portfolio worthy of your investment. We aim to deliver the rate of return you/your company deems desirable. Please review our project portfolio or submit an inquiry for more information.