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Chemistry for Water Treatment and Bi-product Recovery

Water and Oil Technologies, Inc.

Raven Knight has been partnered with Water & Oil Technologies for many years and Ed Laurent is one of the best chemists on our planet and we will deliver these water treatment technologies to the world soon.

New Technology Treatments Offered
  • On-Site Shale Flowback Water Treatment
  • High Lipid Algae Harvesting
  • Pre-Treatment of Salt Water Conversion to Fresh Water
  • Lithium Extraction from Salt

On-Site Shale Flowback Water Treatment

Marine, Salt Water Algae

Pre-Treatment of Salt Water Conversion to Fresh Water

Leading The Way In Green Chemistry Using Patented Natural Flocculents

By-product recovery and utilization has been one of the major areas in which Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. has assisted customers to achieve successful liquid/solid separation of their particular process wastestream.

With ever increasing environmental discharge regulations confronting us all, we at Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. have found alternatives to land application and on-site composting of sludges. Natural Flocculents can be successfully used with or without pH adjustment to achieve solids recovery from process waste, thus producing an environmentally cleaner supernatant or subnatant discharge.

Our Natural Flocculents are currently sold to poultry, hog, cattle, cheese, dairy, food, grain, and oil processors for the flocculation of solids for recovery of fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins. By utilizing our AAFCO and FDA approved Natural Flocculents, the recovered fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins can be sold for animal feed ingredients, fertilizer or used in fuel components.

Recovery Benefits of Natural Flocculents

  • FDA and AAFCO approved for use in animal and poultry feeds, whereas acrylamides and polycrylamides (synthetic polymers made from monomers) are not.
  • Can usually be used without the aid of acid or caustic to achieve flocculation of solids from process waste.
  • Compatible with acids or caustic if so desired to be used to obtain liquid/solid separation.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with coagulants to recover solids containing fats, oil, grease, minerals and/or proteins.
  • Can be used to treat solids containing phosphates and nitrates.
  • Totally biodegradable which make their use environmentally acceptable.

Hog Lagoon Solids Removal

Hog Lagoon Waste/Solids Separation