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Raven Knight has formed strategic alliances with top industry professionals in water treatment, geology, engineering, waste to energy, product development, construction and manufacturing to deliver leading edge solutions to governments, corporations, communities and individuals that are sustainable, solid, reliable and are provided to suit the client’s specifications and achieve 100% satisfaction with the project’s results.
By submitting your project to us, you will have the benefit of more than a century of combined project development experience without the expensive costs that are incurred with a large project development firm with high overhead costs built into their services. With Raven Knight, you receive top industry experience, proven track records and lower bottom line costs for project development and equipment purchases.
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Raven Knight offers “Sustainable Marketing Solutions” in addition to products and project development assistance. We are affordable and reliable. Check out our online portfolio featuring our web designs and marketing materials.

We pride ourselves on getting the job done for our clients on time and to their specifications. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We have had many clients come to us that need a site completed after another designer let their project fall by the wayside. We specialize in getting the work done professionally and your site up and running quickly. We work hard to keep you informed and involved in the process of site development. Ongoing, affordable maintenance and updates are built into our site agreements.

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About Raven Knight

We know that there is an ample amount of water and power available on Earth.

Our aim is to increase the amount of usable water and power through recycling and reusing existing resources. By providing the best available site and water and materials analysis services to enable the deployment of correct, efficient and solid technology, we can produce an abundant amount of water and power for everyone.

Raven Knight began as a manufacturers representative company in 2002, focused on delivering renewable water and power technology to the marketplace. After working together with numerous product manufacturers and developers, we discovered that not enough prior analysis and testing had be done for each project, initially. We were often asked to provide a solution and deliver technology that may or may not address the problem in each situation. We also discovered that many manufacturers had not and were not willing to provide this type of research, analysis and engineering work prior to deploying their technology, so with each project there was a significant amount of gray area.

Also, with some of the leading edge systems we were offering, there was a lack of reliable test data and testing of the equipment, so we put together a team of scientists, engineers, developers and manufacturers capable of conducting feasibility studies, engineering solutions, developing systems or testing and if necessary, redesigning existing systems based on solid testing methodology. We also now have the ability to manufacturing new technology as is needed for each project.

This new emphasis and focus is what Raven Knight has needed to ultimately deliver the projects we have been working on and to provide new clients with reliable solutions to their water and waste issues that will deliver clean, reliable products and bi-products. We invite you to take advantage of our services and aim to provide your project with valid, reliable, tested solutions that will save you money and time in the long run.

Background Information on Raven Knight

Raven Knight has worked to develop a strong, solid team of individuals to promote sustainability. Owner, Ann Diener began working with renewable technology after seeing the need in the marketplace to provide technology that enables clients to realize benefits in previously untapped resources that are problematic including, waste and waste water. Ms. Diener has been determined to deliver zero waste technology, water independence and sustainability, as well as water and energy independent housing systems. Ms. Diener is focused on the business side of each project, helping clients to address their needs and take advantage of innovative solutions that will increase sustainability and profitability.

Ms. Diener assembled the team of professionals that have their individual expertise in developing the overall project or product to suit a client’s particular application and requirement. The company is now focused on completing the development phase of several projects it has been working on for the last several years.

Raven Knight is also seeking new projects to develop with its partners. We provide comprehensive project development services for water treatment, waste water recovery, waste recovery, treatment and bi-product utilization as well as water-energy-independent-housing systems for community developments. Initially we conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis for the project including any necessary testing. We then provide our clients with an in-depth report that will determine site, equipment and project recommendations. At that point, the client has the opportunity to proceed with the project and our team to develop the project/product or take the data to manufacturers to obtain additional bids.

If a client chooses to work with us to develop the project, the cost of the feasibility study may be subtracted from the equipment purchase price as we have wholesale agreements in place with equipment manufacturers.