About Raven Knight

We know that there is an ample amount of water and power available on Earth.

Our aim is to increase the amount of usable water and power through recycling and reusing existing resources. By providing the best available site and water and materials analysis services to enable the deployment of correct, efficient and solid technology, we can produce an abundant amount of water and power for everyone.

Raven Knight began as a manufacturers representative company in 2002, focused on delivering renewable water and power technology to the marketplace. After working together with numerous product manufacturers and developers, we discovered that not enough prior analysis and testing had be done for each project, initially. We were often asked to provide a solution and deliver technology that may or may not address the problem in each situation. We also discovered that many manufacturers had not and were not willing to provide this type of research, analysis and engineering work prior to deploying their technology, so with each project there was a significant amount of gray area.

Also, with some of the leading edge systems we were offering, there was a lack of reliable test data and testing of the equipment, so we put together a team of scientists, engineers, developers and manufacturers capable of conducting feasibility studies, engineering solutions, developing systems or testing and if necessary, redesigning existing systems based on solid testing methodology. We also now have the ability to manufacturing new technology as is needed for each project.

This new emphasis and focus is what Raven Knight has needed to ultimately deliver the projects we have been working on and to provide new clients with reliable solutions to their water and waste issues that will deliver clean, reliable products and bi-products. We invite you to take advantage of our services and aim to provide your project with valid, reliable, tested solutions that will save you money and time in the long run.

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