About Earth Forensics


Investigative Geology and Hydrology

Earth Forensics, Inc is a professional consulting and technology corporation established to
provide services to the Energy and Environmental Sectors of Industry. The professionals
who started the company designed it to be responsive to the demands from industry for clean
water, efficient energy and environmental responsibility. The company is strongly directed
to provide investigative services with analytical support and long term solutions on a global
scale. The experience and combination of academic and pragmatic professional backgrounds
of the principals forms a strong bond between the need for new insights and the demand for
environmental integrity throughout the changing international business and government

The three main areas of concentration for the company include: aerial investigative analysis
using our lighter than air platform to support numerous photographic and remote sensing
imagery; a pilot water treatment analytical vehicle that can be moved easily and refitted
quickly to address a wide spectrum of water issues from simple discharge clean up to
desalination; and slope movement analysis including detailed analytical analysis of rock and
soil. Each of these support a basic consulting effort that ranges from litigation support to
energy and environmental analysis to the development of interim to long term water
treatment solutions.

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