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Research and Development Projects and Opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

Depth of experience.

We have a depth of experience that is unusual. We offer complete project and product development services in one complete package. Our partners have a varying range of experience from expert consultants, developers, engineers whose parts have been on winning race cars and launched into space.

Suited to YOUR needs.

We can help bring your projects from the concept stage through development/prototype stage and into operations/production- whatever your specific needs are- whether it’s just a little advice, a complete feasibility study and development plan or prototype/production parts. We have the capabilities and experience to deliver turn-key development.

Extension of your company.

We can operate as an extension of your company for fast turnaround times, optimized designs and excellent results.

No job is too tough.

We do the work that others won’t do…on time, with superior quality, and at reasonable prices.

I Have an Idea!

I have an idea and what can I do with it? Can Raven Knight help me to develop my product?

Our first question is -Is it sustainable and does it fit within our mission?

Second – Are you willing to invest in it? This does not just mean money. It also means capital or time. Again, are you willing to invest in it?

Third – Can you see others investing in it?

Fourth – Are you honest?

If you answered yes to the above four questions complete our product submission form and we will be happy to review your project.

What types of R & D Services does our team offer?


Mechanical Design

We can design your parts or assemblies with efficiency. Each of us will review each project, providing more perspective and a more efficient design.

Design for Manufacturability

We have extensive experience designing parts and assemblies for ease of production, whether your volume is 100/month or 100,000/month.

Product Development

We use efficient Japanese methods for product development to reduce overall development time and cost with the fewest complications.

SolidWorks Models/Training

We can make your models right the first time, whether it is a simple part, or a family of parts that you want to design using a spreadsheet to automate the design process.

We can also train your people in Solidworks at your site, whether it is a focused lesson on one topic, or an entire week of training to bring your people from square-one to productive.

Engineering Drawings

Do you need SolidWorks Drawings to go along with your models? We can prepare drawings for you that will be clear for the manufacturer.


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Protecting Your Idea and Supporting Your Project

Raven Knight and its partners believe in protecting and supporting your projects & concepts. We work keep all information submitted confidential. It is our policy that when we begin working on a project, we have a mutual Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention Agreement signed by all parties and on file.

While we are working on your project, we follow the agreement. However, we will not be held liable to you or any other person, company or government for any indirect, direct, special, punitive, incidental, consequential damages of any character that arise from you or any other users use of the “Submit A Project” form.

If you would like to further protect your privacy, please email us and we will be happy to forward an NCNDA to you prior to you submitting your information. We ask if you choose to complete a NCNDA prior to submitting your project information, please do not use the submit a project link as we cannot guarantee its 100% security.