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Welcome to Raven Knight! We are work with some of the best professionals and developers to offer consulting and development services, as well as technology that can rapidly change the way humanity lives and works. We provide zero waste, sustainable solutions for communities, individuals and corporations. We have been developing new products and relationships as well as providing existing technology for eight years. Our new innovative systems include applications such as energy/water independent affordable housing and components, complete water recycling and production systems for commercial applications and brine recycling systems. Please submit a project inquiry and we will work to providebulb a reliable solution for you that is innovative, affordable and reliable.

We deliver tested, proven and reliable water treatment technology and have been working to deliver waste to energy/fuel systems for municipal and industrial users. Raven Knight also has several developmental stage waste to energy and innovative water treatment solutions that will soon be released to the ever ready marketplace.

If you have an innovative technology you would like to market or further develop, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Sustainable Web Design and Marketing Portfolio

Here is our online portfolio of sites and materials. This is just a small selection. Also don’t forget to check out our new partner’s website,

We pride ourselves on getting the job done for our clients on time and to their specifications. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We have had many clients come to us that need a site completed after another designer let their project fall by the wayside. We specialize in getting the work done professionally and your site up and running quickly. We work hard to keep you informed and involved in the process of site development. Ongoing, affordable maintenance and updates are built into our site agreements.

We offer Facebook and Twitter integration, shopping carts and standard sites.

Looking to get into business online, allow us to assist you. Call (760) 945-4943.

Some of our newer sites not included in the portfolio are and


About the Raven Knight Project Team

Raven Knight is focussed on achieving sustainability for all. The company’s main goal is to deliver a solid project that showcases the technology available through Raven Knight with the Sustainability Initiative. The project will be launched August 1, 2012 or before and it can be found at The initiative will develop an affordable water and energy independent home to be used for affordable housing. It will incorporate the water recycling system that has been under development by Mahaffey Innovative Technologies, solar, atmospheric water generation, waste to energy through the use of a household gasifier, geothermal power, metering and much more.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and browse through the about us section to fund out more about our project partners as well as review the products and services we offer. Whether it be marketing support services or ordering an atmospheric water system, a portion of all revenue generated by Raven Knight will support the Sustainability Initiative.

Mission Statement

Raven Knight Mission

“We are focused on delivering sustainable, affordable systems for housing/buildings, water and power to individuals, housing developers, governments and companies.”

  • Sustainability = Security for All

“We aim to assist our clients to take advantage of waste and create new resources utilizing the best available technology.”

  • Zero Waste = Limitless Profit