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Welcome to Raven Knight! We are work with some of the best professionals and developers to offer consulting and development services, as well as technology that can rapidly change the way humanity lives and works. We provide zero waste, sustainable solutions for communities, individuals and corporations. We have been developing new products and relationships as well as providing existing technology for eight years. Our new innovative systems include applications such as energy/water independent affordable housing and components, complete water recycling and production systems for commercial applications and brine recycling systems. Please submit a project inquiry and we will work to providebulb a reliable solution for you that is innovative, affordable and reliable.

We deliver tested, proven and reliable water treatment technology and have been working to deliver waste to energy/fuel systems for municipal and industrial users. Raven Knight also has several developmental stage waste to energy and innovative water treatment solutions that will soon be released to the ever ready marketplace.

If you have an innovative technology you would like to market or further develop, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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