Earth Forensics – Dr. John Foster, Geologist

Dr. John H. Foster, President and Principal Geologist
Professor of Geological Sciences
California State University, Fullerton

John Foster received his BS in Earth Science from University of California San Diego, and a PhD in
Geology from University of California, Riverside. He is currently a professor of Engineering and
Environmental Geology at CSU Fullerton. In addition to his current position, he has been the Chair
of the Department of Geological Sciences at CSUF from 1995 to 2004 and the Chair of the Board of
Governors for the Desert Studies Consortium and is presently a member of the Board of Advisors for
the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. His teaching and research focus is on the engineering geology of
landslides, coastal watershed geology and the geology of groundwater basins in arid regions. Dr.
Foster is co-principal investigator of a large research contract with the Mojave Water Agency with the
objective of assessing water quantity and quality in their district as well as identifying basin geology
and the potential for groundwater recharge throughout the central Mojave Desert Area.

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