Background Information on Raven Knight

Raven Knight has worked to develop a strong, solid team of individuals to promote sustainability. Owner, Ann Diener began working with renewable technology after seeing the need in the marketplace to provide technology that enables clients to realize benefits in previously untapped resources that are problematic including, waste and waste water. Ms. Diener has been determined to deliver zero waste technology, water independence and sustainability, as well as water and energy independent housing systems. Ms. Diener is focused on the business side of each project, helping clients to address their needs and take advantage of innovative solutions that will increase sustainability and profitability.

Ms. Diener assembled the team of professionals that have their individual expertise in developing the overall project or product to suit a client’s particular application and requirement. The company is now focused on completing the development phase of several projects it has been working on for the last several years.

Raven Knight is also seeking new projects to develop with its partners. We provide comprehensive project development services for water treatment, waste water recovery, waste recovery, treatment and bi-product utilization as well as water-energy-independent-housing systems for community developments. Initially we conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis for the project including any necessary testing. We then provide our clients with an in-depth report that will determine site, equipment and project recommendations. At that point, the client has the opportunity to proceed with the project and our team to develop the project/product or take the data to manufacturers to obtain additional bids.

If a client chooses to work with us to develop the project, the cost of the feasibility study may be subtracted from the equipment purchase price as we have wholesale agreements in place with equipment manufacturers.



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