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Rapidly Deployable Water Energy Independent Homes

Raven Knight has been working over the last fourteen years to develop water, energy independent housing that is rapidly deployable for both disaster relief and assisting governments to improve standing in conflict zones.

We have smaller homes available.  As a woman owned business we have been unfairly treated.

Once funding is available, we will update our panels and also complete water recycling systems that include Atmospheric Water Generators,  Green houses and Hydrogen power generators which are under development.


Raven Knight is Seeking Additional Alternative Construction Methods

Raven Knight has been seeking additional affordable, sustainable means of housing construction. We are currently researching Styrofoam Dome housing, cob building and other renewable based housing. We are also looking for other alternatives that could serve as a cost effective means to delivering housing to displaced people.  Please contact us with your ideas and solutions. We look forward to working with you.


Water and Energy Independent Homes

We are currently working to develop affordable completely sustainable and renewable housing systems. Check back for more information soon.

Raven Knight’s mission has been to provide “Water and Energy Independent Homes” (WEIH) in order to offer individuals and families with the opportunity to ultimately own their homes, power and water completely as a means to provide themselves with long term stability and stress free living.

In addition, “Water and Energy Independent Homes” are affordable, rapid build and retain their value just as a standard “stick built” home. They can be constructed to assist communities to rebuild after a natural disaster, relocations based on climate change or serve as developer or government implemented housing. The manufacturing of the homes and their construction employs local labor in that a manufacturing and assembly plant is built within the community as well as local labor is utilized for many facets of the overall projects.

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Water and Oil Technologies, Inc.

Raven Knight has been partnered with Water & Oil Technologies for many years and Ed Laurent is one of the best chemists on our planet and we will deliver these water treatment technologies to the world soon.

New Technology Treatments Offered
  • On-Site Shale Flowback Water Treatment
  • High Lipid Algae Harvesting
  • Pre-Treatment of Salt Water Conversion to Fresh Water
  • Lithium Extraction from Salt

On-Site Shale Flowback Water Treatment

Marine, Salt Water Algae

Pre-Treatment of Salt Water Conversion to Fresh Water

Leading The Way In Green Chemistry Using Patented Natural Flocculents

By-product recovery and utilization has been one of the major areas in which Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. has assisted customers to achieve successful liquid/solid separation of their particular process wastestream.

With ever increasing environmental discharge regulations confronting us all, we at Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. have found alternatives to land application and on-site composting of sludges. Natural Flocculents can be successfully used with or without pH adjustment to achieve solids recovery from process waste, thus producing an environmentally cleaner supernatant or subnatant discharge.

Our Natural Flocculents are currently sold to poultry, hog, cattle, cheese, dairy, food, grain, and oil processors for the flocculation of solids for recovery of fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins. By utilizing our AAFCO and FDA approved Natural Flocculents, the recovered fats, oils, grease, minerals, and/or proteins can be sold for animal feed ingredients, fertilizer or used in fuel components.

Recovery Benefits of Natural Flocculents

  • FDA and AAFCO approved for use in animal and poultry feeds, whereas acrylamides and polycrylamides (synthetic polymers made from monomers) are not.
  • Can usually be used without the aid of acid or caustic to achieve flocculation of solids from process waste.
  • Compatible with acids or caustic if so desired to be used to obtain liquid/solid separation.
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with coagulants to recover solids containing fats, oil, grease, minerals and/or proteins.
  • Can be used to treat solids containing phosphates and nitrates.
  • Totally biodegradable which make their use environmentally acceptable.

Hog Lagoon Solids Removal

Hog Lagoon Waste/Solids Separation

About Waste to Energy Systems

Raven Knight has been working with numerous developers to provide its clients with reliable waste to energy technology that is proven and operational. Check back for more information soon.

Waste to Energy is the process of creating energy in the form of electricity, synthetic fuels or heat from the combustion, gasification or pyrolysis/thermal distillation of waste source.  WTE is a form of energy recovery. WTE processes produce electricity  or produce a combustible fuel commodity, such as methane, methanol, ethanol or synthetic fuels.

What is often ignored is the pre-treatment of the material and the tertiary conversion technology that takes the syngas or steam and produces fuel or electrical power. Raven Knight works with suppliers and developers of combustion technologies and also thermal distillation/pyrolysis and gasification technologies, as well as pre-treatment technologies providing sorting and preparation of the materials and Fischer Tropsch developers and turbine manufacturers to produce fuel and electricity.

Here is more information on the types of WTE technology available.  (From 2008, in the process of updating).


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Have Solar Electric with NO UPFRONT COSTS

Solar is finally affordable. Pay no upfront costs. No money down. No investment required. Pay less than you are paying for your electric bill each month and payments never go up like your electric bill tends to. BBB Accredited Business.

To qualify for the solar lease you must have:

  • $150 or higher electric bill -the higher the bill, the greater the savings.
  • 700+ Credit Score
  • South facing areas of property with clear sun exposure.

Planning on selling your home in a few years, no problem, the solar transfers to the new owner and has been shown to increase your property value significantly when selling your home.

To schedule an appointment for a feasibility evaluation, call (760) 945-4943 or please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Must be in San Diego County, California to qualify.

We Offer Complete Marketing Support


  • Website Development
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Mail and Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Trade Show Booth Design and Management

Consulting, Research and Development

  • Business Development, Business Plans and Strategy Planning
  • Topical and Product Research
  • Renewable Energy Products
  • Product and Presentation Planning
  • People Locator Service

We also offer Advertising Concept Creation and Design Services


Renewable Product Development & Design

Mechanical Design

We can design your parts or assemblies with efficiency. Each of us will review each project, providing more perspective and a more efficient design.

Design for Manufacturability

We have extensive experience designing parts and assemblies for ease of production, whether your volume is 100/month or 100,000/month.

Product Development

We use efficient Japanese methods for product development to reduce overall development time and cost with the fewest complications.

SolidWorks Models/Training

We can make your models right the first time, whether it is a simple part, or a family of parts that you want to design using a spreadsheet to automate the design process.

We can also train your people in Solidworks at your site, whether it is a focused lesson on one topic, or an entire week of training to bring your people from square-one to productive.

Engineering Drawings

Do you need SolidWorks Drawings to go along with your models? We can prepare drawings for you that will be clear for the manufacturer.

Research/Feasibility Studies

Is your project worth doing? Will it work? We can help you know this as cheaply and quickly as possible. We are experienced, educated and open minded. Let that combination work for you and your project.


We love to do calculations. If we aren’t able to do the best possible job for you, we know enough about it to find someone to do it reliably for you. This way you won’t be throwing your money away on so-called experts that don’t care about your project.

FEA Analysis

Using advanced tools and our experience, we can help you develop the best model the first time through.