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Solar Power and Renewable Power Generation is the key to Sustainability.

Have Solar Electric with NO UPFRONT COSTS

Solar is finally affordable. Pay no upfront costs. No money down. No investment required. Pay less than you are paying for your electric bill each month and payments never go up like your electric bill tends to. BBB Accredited Business.

To qualify for the solar lease you must have:

  • $150 or higher electric bill -the higher the bill, the greater the savings.
  • 700+ Credit Score
  • South facing areas of property with clear sun exposure.

Planning on selling your home in a few years, no problem, the solar transfers to the new owner and has been shown to increase your property value significantly when selling your home.

To schedule an appointment for a feasibility evaluation, call (760) 945-4943 or please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Must be in San Diego County, California to qualify.