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Waste to Energy and Waste to Fuel Systems using Manure, Biomass & Municipal Solid Waste.

About Waste to Energy Systems

Raven Knight has been working with numerous developers to provide its clients with reliable waste to energy technology that is proven and operational. Check back for more information soon.

Waste to Energy is the process of creating energy in the form of electricity, synthetic fuels or heat from the combustion, gasification or pyrolysis/thermal distillation of waste source.  WTE is a form of energy recovery. WTE processes produce electricity  or produce a combustible fuel commodity, such as methane, methanol, ethanol or synthetic fuels.

What is often ignored is the pre-treatment of the material and the tertiary conversion technology that takes the syngas or steam and produces fuel or electrical power. Raven Knight works with suppliers and developers of combustion technologies and also thermal distillation/pyrolysis and gasification technologies, as well as pre-treatment technologies providing sorting and preparation of the materials and Fischer Tropsch developers and turbine manufacturers to produce fuel and electricity.

Here is more information on the types of WTE technology available.  (From 2008, in the process of updating).


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Raven Knight Focus on Waste to Energy

Raven Knight aims to provide solid solutions for the transformation of municipal solid waste and biomass to energy and/or biogas.

We are currently working with cutting edge technology providers to deliver proven, reliable equipment for international projects. Our technology is manufactured in the USA. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions for Municipal Solid Waste, tires and other wastes including pre-treatment utilizing Materials Recovery Facilities and waste shredding; waste processing using tested, proven and available pyrolysis equipment; and synthetic gas production and/or electricity production.

Our goal is to provide real solutions, in a timely manner that enable all involved to win financially and environmentally.

It has been difficult to identify and test reliable technology. Currently we are working with several developers to further test and prove their equipment.

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