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About the technology, history, why and how you can get involved.

Who are we?

Who are we anyway? We are a group of professionals who share the same code of ethics and respect for one another, our clients and the jobs that we all do. We work together as a team to collaborate on projects and innovative products. We are innovators and all desire for common goals of making the world a better place. We all believe that it starts with us and we are here to assist you to realize your project goals.

What is our focus?

We are focused on delivering completed water production, waste to energy, sustainable housing projects utilizing our team members’ knowledge and expertise to create both beneficial projects for all that are involved. It has become trite to say everyone wins, but that is our goal, focus and mission.

How do I submit a project?

You can submit your project by completing our online project form. It includes much of the preliminary information that we require. We review projects collaboratively as a team that is focused on your type of project. We then develop a preliminary project proposal and quotation that details the further analysis that will be required as well as potential costs and potential outcomes as well as what the variables may be ahead.

We then ask that you examine what your objectives are and see how we can assist you further. There is no charge for the preliminary scoping proposal. We so charge a feasibility study fee once we begin working on your project and are able to assist you to bring your project to completion, however once we have completed the feasibility study and analysis, you will receive a complete package and a quotation. You can take this package to another manufacturer and choose to develop the project yourself.

You can also choose to continue to work with us and utilize our manufacturers and products. If you choose this option, the cost of the feasibility study will be subtracted from your equipment and project development quotation. We look forward to receiving your submission.

Why are we involved in these projects?

Why is Raven Knight focused on sustainable projects and products? It is more important than you know. We believe and understand that sustainability is really the only secure way for our future to be a possibility and we can do it and be successful both financially and accomplish many beneficial things to leave a positive mark on the planet. There has been an age old myth that if projects are sustainable, they won’t be profitable and that the world cannot operate from this perspective, long term and be successful. We aim to dispel both of those myths. When have you been OK with throwing away or landfilling 20% of your profits or income? Should we continue this or take advantage of those resources?


What are the typical project costs?

We hear this question a lot. This is the number one question. What is it going to cost? That is a good question. If you buy the wrong equipment and need to buy another system next year, was the savings you received that first year worth it? You paid double or could have saved at least 25% and not lost the down time revenue. We are focused on delivering your desired results. That is our mission. We do need to make money to pay for your project development costs. We do not work for free just as you cannot, it would be nice if we did not have to be concerned with this.

Our team members charge reasonable rates and aim to deliver solid solutions in a timely manner at or below the quoted price once we receive as much information from you as we can.