Welcome to the New Site for Raven Knight

Welcome to the New Site for Raven Knight! We have launched our new website to promote the new products and services we are now offering. For several years, we have been focused on project development for water, waste and sustainable housing, however we did not have time to put up all of the changes that had been made in our company to provide our clients with more services and expertise than was previously available. The company has matured and grown over the last eight years. We have accomplished the ability to offer full-service consulting, engineering and project design as well as development. With our team, we are also able to provide our services internationally through our international development consultant, Roy Young.

Feel free to browse the new pages that feature some of the same products with new adaptations such as the atmospheric water generators which we now offer industrial  units at very affordable prices. The first of these units just arrived here in the US and  we will be including the demonstration video in the near future.

We also still offer water treatment plants with the natural flocculants, including DAF and Reverse Osmosis Systems for industrial applications.

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