Water and Energy Independent Homes

We are currently working to develop affordable completely sustainable and renewable housing systems. Check back for more information soon.

Raven Knight’s mission has been to provide “Water and Energy Independent Homes” (WEIH) in order to offer individuals and families with the opportunity to ultimately own their homes, power and water completely as a means to provide themselves with long term stability and stress free living.

In addition, “Water and Energy Independent Homes” are affordable, rapid build and retain their value just as a standard “stick built” home. They can be constructed to assist communities to rebuild after a natural disaster, relocations based on climate change or serve as developer or government implemented housing. The manufacturing of the homes and their construction employs local labor in that a manufacturing and assembly plant is built within the community as well as local labor is utilized for many facets of the overall projects.

It is the company’s ultimate goal for people to live without fear as they have the ability to sustain themselves and then ultimately serve as a stronger pillar in their community. Ann Diener, the owner of Raven Knight, has been assembling the components of “Water and Energy Independent Homes” for 7 years. She has been researching the best available technologies for housing, power and water production, water treatment, purification and recovery. Raven Knight works together with inventors, product developers and manufacturers to refine product capabilities, improve marketing strategies, open new markets and assist in bringing collaboratively better products to the global marketplace in order to assist individuals and families improve their quality of life and insulate themselves against financial down turns

Raven Knight has formed strategic alliances with National Owner Builder Services and Super Struct Building Systems, Planet’s Purest Water, Mahaffey Innovative Technologies, Inc. EarthMister Irrigation Systems and other sustainable product manufacturers.

From August 9, 2008, currently editing.

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