Insource-Project Management

Turn-key Project Development

Whether you just need a little advice or hand-holding, or if you are taking on more that you can handle and want to delegate the entire project to us, we can develop the entore project for you, keeping you informed of progress at all times. We can function almost as your in-house development team. We have 11 years of experience at one of the world’s most renowned product development organizations.


Supplier Management

We have a decade of experience understanding working closely with suppliers, and can keep on top of what they are good/not good at, anticipating and eliminating potential problems for a smooth development experience.


Supplier Sourcing

Do you need help finding suppliers for your components or services? Do you suspect you are not getting the best prices? Let us bid your project for you, and you will likely save money. It’s no risk to you for us to bid.


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