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Atmospheric Water Generators


Atmospheric water generators produce water based on the temperature and humidity in the air. Each of our units can produce up to ten gallons of water per day based on the dew point in the area where the unit is placed. These units produce the purest water available on the planet. They have been tested over the last 8 years and are proven and reliable. They are available in both the up-right and counter top model. We also offer larger units that can produce 25 to 2,000 gallons of water per day for larger projects.

We can also incorporate a green house to increase water production in dryer areas with the opportunity to reuse treated waste water to increase household water production.

What are the typical project costs?

We hear this question a lot. This is the number one question. What is it going to cost? That is a good question. If you buy the wrong equipment and need to buy another system next year, was the savings you received that first year worth it? You paid double or could have saved at least 25% and not lost the down time revenue. We are focused on delivering your desired results. That is our mission. We do need to make money to pay for your project development costs. We do not work for free just as you cannot, it would be nice if we did not have to be concerned with this.

Our team members charge reasonable rates and aim to deliver solid solutions in a timely manner at or below the quoted price once we receive as much information from you as we can.

What types of R & D Services does our team offer?


Mechanical Design

We can design your parts or assemblies with efficiency. Each of us will review each project, providing more perspective and a more efficient design.

Design for Manufacturability

We have extensive experience designing parts and assemblies for ease of production, whether your volume is 100/month or 100,000/month.

Product Development

We use efficient Japanese methods for product development to reduce overall development time and cost with the fewest complications.

SolidWorks Models/Training

We can make your models right the first time, whether it is a simple part, or a family of parts that you want to design using a spreadsheet to automate the design process.

We can also train your people in Solidworks at your site, whether it is a focused lesson on one topic, or an entire week of training to bring your people from square-one to productive.

Engineering Drawings

Do you need SolidWorks Drawings to go along with your models? We can prepare drawings for you that will be clear for the manufacturer.


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