Raven Knight Focus on Waste to Energy

Raven Knight aims to provide solid solutions for the transformation of municipal solid waste and biomass to energy and/or biogas.

We are currently working with cutting edge technology providers to deliver proven, reliable equipment for international projects. Our technology is manufactured in the USA. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions for Municipal Solid Waste, tires and other wastes including pre-treatment utilizing Materials Recovery Facilities and waste shredding; waste processing using tested, proven and available pyrolysis equipment; and synthetic gas production and/or electricity production.

Our goal is to provide real solutions, in a timely manner that enable all involved to win financially and environmentally.

It has been difficult to identify and test reliable technology. Currently we are working with several developers to further test and prove their equipment.

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About Investors in Raven Knight

Raven Knight is seeking investors who are interested in being involved with a solid team of developers who have the determination and experience to design, build and employ leading edge technology.

We offer solid projects, grounded in technological and financial soundness with the validation of experts to deliver a reliable project portfolio worthy of your investment. We aim to deliver the rate of return you/your company deems desirable. Please review our project portfolio or submit an inquiry for more information.

Waste Water Recycling

Dave Mahaffey of Mahaffey ITI has been involved in waste water for over 40 years. He is the owner also of Action Pumping in Yucca Valley, California. Thirty years ago he was instrumental in the approval of California’s Grey Water Recovery Legislation. He has built numerous grey water, sub-irrigation systems in the High Desert area.

Is Your Company/Municipality Interested in Water or Waste Treatment?

Are you interested in working with Raven Knight to further your country’s goals of sustainability? We have designed an easy project submission form for you to complete so that we can evaluate your project and provide you with a preliminary report that includes a cost-benefit analysis. Please complete the project submission form and we will get back to you in one to two working days. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 1.760.945.4943.

What is our focus?

We are focused on delivering completed water production, waste to energy, sustainable housing projects utilizing our team members’ knowledge and expertise to create both beneficial projects for all that are involved. It has become trite to say everyone wins, but that is our goal, focus and mission.

How do I submit a project?

You can submit your project by completing our online project form. It includes much of the preliminary information that we require. We review projects collaboratively as a team that is focused on your type of project. We then develop a preliminary project proposal and quotation that details the further analysis that will be required as well as potential costs and potential outcomes as well as what the variables may be ahead.

We then ask that you examine what your objectives are and see how we can assist you further. There is no charge for the preliminary scoping proposal. We so charge a feasibility study fee once we begin working on your project and are able to assist you to bring your project to completion, however once we have completed the feasibility study and analysis, you will receive a complete package and a quotation. You can take this package to another manufacturer and choose to develop the project yourself.

You can also choose to continue to work with us and utilize our manufacturers and products. If you choose this option, the cost of the feasibility study will be subtracted from your equipment and project development quotation. We look forward to receiving your submission.

I Have an Idea!

I have an idea and what can I do with it? Can Raven Knight help me to develop my product?

Our first question is -Is it sustainable and does it fit within our mission?

Second – Are you willing to invest in it? This does not just mean money. It also means capital or time. Again, are you willing to invest in it?

Third – Can you see others investing in it?

Fourth – Are you honest?

If you answered yes to the above four questions complete our product submission form and we will be happy to review your project.

Why are we involved in these projects?

Why is Raven Knight focused on sustainable projects and products? It is more important than you know. We believe and understand that sustainability is really the only secure way for our future to be a possibility and we can do it and be successful both financially and accomplish many beneficial things to leave a positive mark on the planet. There has been an age old myth that if projects are sustainable, they won’t be profitable and that the world cannot operate from this perspective, long term and be successful. We aim to dispel both of those myths. When have you been OK with throwing away or landfilling 20% of your profits or income? Should we continue this or take advantage of those resources?


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