Complete Water Treatment Services

Raven Knight offers water consulting services and feasibility services through its partners which provide complete analysis and needs testing prior to deployment of industrial or municipal technology. This results in significant savings and deployment of correct technology to suit your application. Our needs analysis determines exactly the system that you will need to treat the specific type of water for your project, whether it be a desalination project, water treatment plant treating water originating from surface water or well water, as well as waste water sources including human, animal or various brine waters from a multitude of industries. We aim to have no discharge of any environmental contaminates and have focused on identifying tested yet leading edge technologies to recycle waste components into recovered products.

We have partnered with Ed Laurent with Water & Oil Technologies to offer a variety of affordable natural treatment chemicals that enable water treatment and also solids recovery of precious soluble and insoluble waste products to be utilized and sold on the open market. Therefore turning each project for waste-water treatment into a multi-layered profit center with no damage to the environement.

Raven Knight works with various suppliers of water treatment technology to deliver the best available and most cost effective solution that will be solidly constructed for your application and therefore require less downtime and maintenance.

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