Water & Oil Technologies- Ed Laurent

Ed Laurent is president of Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. is a small corporation located in Montgomery, Illinois, incorporated in 1988, and currently serves many municipal and industrial clients with polymers or other chemical treatment products.

Water & Oil Technologies, Inc. manufactures, blends, and distributes both synthetic, and natural polymer products that are cationic, anionic, or nonionic in power, emulsion, or water soluble liquid form. Additionally, we have chemical formulas for the removal and prevention of struvite or vivianite scales.

In our consulting service we tailor treatment sequences of our products to provide the most cost effective treatment to meet your specific treatment need be it dewatering, or thickening of biomass after flocculation with polymers for by-product use of the dewatered biomass, or scale removal from your piping system.

Water & Oil Technologies, inc. has a patented feedstock that incorporates the use of dewatered biomass, that when blended with coal, create a feedstock to be used as a fuel, especially in the production of ethanol.

We have provided successful consulting and polymer/chemical treatment sequences since 1988. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific water or wastewater treatment need.

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